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ThirdEye dental cameras

Since 1997 we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of dental cameras. Today we have three different cameras for any dental application. What idea is behind our ThirdEye dental cameras, how you can mount the cameras and how ThirdEye dental cameras can ease your everyday dental routine, you can learn here...


 Our cameras can be rapidly installed on any dental light and are easy to use. Why not asking some users !


full-HD video (uncompressed)
10fold optical zoom & auto focus
remote control for

18 megapixel photo & full-HD video
10fold optical zoom & auto focus
controlled by Android/IOS devices

16 megapixel photo & full-HD video
manual focus & manual zoom
remote control, microphone




ThirdEye-HD 310

ThirdEye-EVO xs

ThirdEye-UNI xs

camera set € 3.980

camera set € 2.480,00

camera set € 2.280

*all prices are for complete camera sets (camera, mount, cable, power supply), please add UPS/DHL shipment and 19% VAT within EU
direct sales (without intermediate dealer)
now get a 15% discount (till the end of september 2018)
Did you know, all our "old" customers get 25% discounts on upgrades (e.g. upgrading your ThirdEye-Video to ThirdEye-UNI)




ThirdEye-HD on Kavo 310

ThirdEye-EVO on Planetario2 320

ThirdEye-UNI 310x233 small

  • full-hd video resolution

    (1.920x1080i pixels)

  • auto focus

  • 10x optical zoom

  • zoom remote control

  • highest magnification

  • our best-selling dental camera

 mountable on most dental lights
(weight: 230 grams)

Used by many universities and
dental opionon leaders worldwide.

  • 18 megapixel photos

  • full-hd videos (1.920x1.080i pixels)

  • auto focus

  • 10x optical zoom

  • wireless (battery operation)

  • remote controlled by
    Android tablet/phone or IPad/IPhone

mountable on most dental lights
(weight: 230 grams)

Why using all those time consuming and inconvenient DSLR cameras to shoot hires intraoral photos ?

  • 16 megapixel photos

  • full-hd videos (1.920x1.080 pixels)

  • manual focus

  • built-in microphone

  • record videos/photos on SD card

  • HDMI-out/power-in cable (white)

  • wide depth-of-focus (4-7cm)

  • remote control

 mountable to any dental light
(weight: 170 grams)

  Perfect videos & photos at one "click"

 Cerec 2012 Live 2 xs  ThirdEye-Photo OK 310 xs  ThirdEye-UNI 320

 The perfect gear for

  • live transmissions on large screens

  • ambitious surgeons and lecturers !

  • universities and dental clinics

  • up to 30fold magnification


The perfect camera for

  • rapid photo documentation

  • full-HD recordings on SD card

  • patient education with tablet

  • communication with external labs

 The new universal camera for 

  • everyday dentistry!

  • video/photo/audio documentation
       patient education, prophylaxis
       forensic documentation
    communication with dental lab...

  • full-HD live video transmissions

learn more about this camera   

learn more about this camera

learn more about this camera 

 Implantology 320x180  ThirdEye-evo wide 13mp xs

ThirdEye-UNI 320 test video

original resolution 1.980x1.080i 135Mbit/sec (uncompressed full-HD)

YouTube resolution 1.280x720p 4Mbit/sec (strongly compressed MP4 HD)

original resolution 1.980x1.080p 135Mbit/sec (MP4 full-HD)

YouTube resolution 1.980x1.080p 8Mbit/sec (strongly compressed MP4 HD)


Convince yourself of the quality of our ThirdEye dental cameras !


telephone hotline for your questions 0049-7245-937186  (monday-friday 9a.m. till 5p.m.)

or let us give you a call !

Convert your dental light into a multi-media tool  !

send us an email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Our philosophy - our dental camera on your dental light !

building and selling high quality, but affordable* dental cameras,

which can be mounted to any dental light !

Why buying an expensive dental camera system integrated in a new dental light ?

Why not upgrading your own dental light ?

And using one ThirdEye dental camera in different surgeries...

    ... or even use your camera in a seminar in another city.

Installing the camera takes no more than 10 minutes !


* please compare prices of other manufacturers