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all ThirdEye- the idea behind xs

intra oral shots from extra oral

how do ThirdEye cameras work ?

advantages of ThirdEye cameras

applications of ThirdEye cameras


Intra oral shots from extra oral

There are dozens of manufacturers of intraoral cameras worldwide. All of them use video cameras to shoot intraoral shots. Disregarding that those intr oral video cameras have a very low resolution (not more than 1.3 mega pixels !) compared to any digital compact camera, these intraoral cameras are suitable for the documentation of dental findings as well as for patient education and patient motivation. But what if a treatment or a patient education shall be documented as a whole and with narration ? What if you want to document extensive prosthetic, surgical or implantology procedures or patient counselings to prevent any future cases of legal recourse. What, if you need a camera for live transmissions of your surgeries at your training courses or congresses ?


Since 1997 we have developed and we manufacture a range of intra oral cameras, which overcome all these disadvantages of conventional intra oral cameras. Our cameras shoot intra oral shots from extra oral.


The ThirdEyeHDmini dental camera is a full-HD dental light mounted miniature camera, which you will like from the beginning ! It is a light-weight device (only 100 grams), which can be mounted to virtually any dental light on the market. A twofold lockable ball joint enables the optical axis of the camera lens being adjusted to the central beam of the dental light. Thus all intraoral shots will be made within the centre of the light beam. This ensures perfect light falling on the object (e.g. tooth) and shadowless shots all the time.
The ThirdEyeHDmini dental camera is being focussed manually, but its extreme wide depth-of-field (more than 10-12 cm) will ensure sharp images even if you move the patients head or the dental light.
The ThirdEye-Video dental camera is suitable for everyday dentistry and for high resolution live transmissions as well.


The ThirdEyeHD dental camera can display and record full-HD video (1.920x.1080i). It has an autofocus and a 10x zoom lens.


The camera is heavier (230 grams) than the ThirdEye-Video dental camera. Thus the ThirdEye-HD dental camera is somewhat more selective regarding the dental light it can be mounted to. Nevertheless the ThirdEye-HD dental camera can be mounted to almost any available dental light, if the light can bear the additional weight of the camera, because most dental lights can be adjusted to additional weights by customizing their pneumatic spring. The Thirdeye-HD dental camera is the best choice for educational institutes and ambitious lecturers, who want to present the best possible video quality.

 The ThirdEyephoto can shoot 10 mega pixel photos and HD videos (1.280x720p).
It is connected to your computer via special USB2.0 cable.
The high-light of this camera:  You can remote control the camera by either foot-switch, hand-held wireless remote control or by it´s speech recognition capability.


This camera is for all dentists and surgeons, who want to shoot more photos or video sequences during their daily treatments without
spending to much time to do so.


Sirona ThirdEye Photo 310 xs


How do ThirdEye cameras work ?

During your treatments your dental light always is focussed on the object you´re working on - tooth, gingiva.... At least it should be !


Since the optical axis of a ThirdEye dental cameras is adjusted to the center of the dental light´s light beam all objects being lit by the dental light are being depicted on the monitor at the same time.

Without annoying shadows cast by your hands or instruments. And you have total control of the camera image without the need to look on the monitor all the time. If the tooth you are treating is lit evenly by the most intense light, which normally should be produced in the center of the dental light´s light beam, your ThirdEye dental camera will provide optimal photos or videos.

All ThirdEye dental cameras can depict either full mouth or a whole quadrant at a working distance of 60 cm on the monitor. Because of its wide depth of field all the teeth from the incisors to the last molars will be displayed in focus.

At a working distance of 30 cm (distance from the front lens of the camera to the patient´s mouth) one molar with its two neighbouring teeth can be depicted format filling on the monitor. This corresponds to a 15 fold magnification on a 22" monitor screen.

In loupe mode the ThirdEye-Photo can depict one single teeth format filling on the monitor.

The ThirdEye dental cameras enable you working uninterruptedly while filming or taking photos. A contamination of the camera lens through turbine water spray or the chip-blower is nearly impossible at a distance of 30-60cm.

Teeth, gums or other intra oral fields you only can see with your dental mirror can be displayed and recorded using the dental mirror.

If the dental light is situated beside the dentist´s head, "what he sees is what he´ll get" (on the monitor).

Now you have a camera at hand (i.e. at your dental light), which can record intraoral videos and shoot still images without any hassle. There is no need to interrupt any of your treatments just to take intraoral pictures or to record intraoral videos.Thus, a ThirdEye dental camera truly can become your third eye.



Grab your chance ...

... watch the recordings or photos

... in the original versions ...

... on a high resolution monitor.


You´ll be amazed !


Advantages of the ThirdEye dental cameras

  • mountable to any* dental light (* not guaranteed with ThirdEyeHD; weight 230 grams!)

  • one-time adjustment

  • wide depth-of-focus

  • easy to focus or auto focus (ThirdEyeHDonly)

  • manual white balance for perfect color reproduction

  • filming while working

  • optimal illumination of image field by dental light

  • continuous operation

  • autoclavable lens hoods (ThirdEyeHDmini and  ThirdEyephoto)

  • low power consumption

  • no medical products (expert report of TÜV-Bavaria, Munich, Germany)



Applications of the ThirdEye dental cameras

  • for all dentists, surgeons and implantologists

    to record routinely dental evidence of their patient´s

    and to document sophisticated treatments as a whole

    as a means for dental education of their patient´s

    for live trouble-shooting discussions with the dental lab (internet video conferencing)

    as evidence in case of legal recourse

  • for all dental hygienists

    for patient motivation

    for complete documentation of prophylaxis

  • for all dental educational centers

    for live transmissions of dental treatments or surgeries

  • for all universities and dental colleges

    for live demonstrations (via network or video screens)

    to control student´s dental activities (live transmission and recordings)

    for all dental students (to capitalize on their video recorded mistakes)