ThirdEye dental cameras - the idea behind


Intraoral shots from extraoral

There are dozens of manufacturers of intraoral cameras worldwide. All of them use video cameras to shoot intraoral photos. Disregarding that those intraoral video cameras have a very low resolution (today not more than 2 mega pixels !) compared to any digital compact camera, these intraoral cameras are suitable for the documentation of dental findings as well as for patient education and patient motivation. But, what if a treatment or a patient education shall be documented as a whole video and with narration ? What, if you want to document/film extensive prosthetic, surgical or implantology procedures or patient counselings to prevent any future cases of legal recourse. What, if you need a camera for live video transmissions of your surgeries at your training courses or congresses ? Or, if you want to show your dental technician (in a far away dental lab) in detail, what´s wrong with the crown, denture ... in a live video conference ?


Since 1997 we have developed and manufactured a range of intraoral cameras, which overcome all these disadvantages of conventional intraoral cameras. Our cameras can shoot intraoral shots from extraoral (both videos and photos).


How do ThirdEye dental cameras work ?

 idea behind light ray

During your treatments your dental light always is focussed on the object you´re working on - tooth, gingiva.... At least it should be !


Since the optical axis of the ThirdEye camera lens is adjusted to the center of the dental light´s light beam all objects being lit by the dental light are being depicted on the monitor at the same time.







 idea behind bur with water spray

Without annoying shadows cast by your hands or instruments. And you ha ve totalcontrol of the camera image without the need to look on the monitor all the time. If the tooth you are treating is lit evenly by the most intense light, which normally should be produced in the center of the dental light´s light beam, your ThirdEye dental camera will provide optimal photo shots or video recordings.








idea behind placing brackets


At a working distance of 40cm ThirdEye dental cameras can depict three teeth format filling, at 60cm patient´s full mouth or a whole quadrant, on the monitor. ThirdEye-HD and ThirdEye-EVO with their 10fold optical zoom lenses also can show the patient´s full face.








idea behind molar composite filling


At a working distance of 30-40 cm (distance from the front lens of the camera to the patient´s mouth) one molar with its two neighbouring teeth can be depicted format filling on the monitor. This corresponds to a 15 fold magnification on a 22" monitor screen.








idea behind drilling amalgam using waterspray


All ThirdEye dental cameras enable you working uninterruptedly while filming or taking photos. A contamination of the camera lens through turbine water spray or the chip-blower is quite impossible at a working distance from 40-80cm.









idea behind golden inlay with mouth mirror


Teeth, gums or other intra oral subjects you only can see with using your dental mirror can be displayed and recorded using the dental mirror, too.

If the dental light is situated beside the dentist´s head, "what he sees is what he´ll get" (on the monitor).








Now you have a camera "at hand" (i.e. mounted on your dental light), which can record intraoral videos and shoot still images without any hassle. There is no need to interrupt any of your treatments just for taking intraoral pictures or recording intraoral videos. Thus, a ThirdEye dental camera truly can become your third eye.



Advantages of the ThirdEye dental cameras



Applications of the ThirdEye dental cameras


 You´ll be amazed by ThirdEye´s image quality !