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ThirdEye - our distributors and our distribution policy

There are two sales channels for our ThirdEye dental cameras


Direct sales

Many of our customers have seen one of our ThirdEye dental camera at an educational seminar, a congress or at a dental show.  Or they have seen it in the office of another dentist. So, they know the functions, features and quality of that ThirdEye dental camera. Moreover ThirdEye dental cameras are very easy to install, so that most dentists have installed their camera by themselves (see manuals in download section). For this reason in most cases any demonstration of the functionality and quality of our cameras by a dental salesman is not necessary.

On the other side many dental sales persons are not used to handling a dental light efficiently and they are not used to working with a dental mirror, so they may not be qualified to present a ThirdEye dental camera in a perfect manner.

The optimal adjustment and calibration of any of our ThirdEye dental cameras is crucial to get perfect and satisfying results - video recordings and photo shots.

A customer, who experienced a camera presentation, which was less than optimal (mildly spoken),  is a lost customer for us.

To customers, who want to test one of our cameras in their office, we offer the possibility to rent one of our cameras for two weeks or one month (see price list 1/2023).

However, if you want to use the service of a dental dealer or agent in your region, no problem. Of course we deliver our products to any dental dealer worldwide. The warranty always is two years !


Dental dealers

For the above reasons in many countries we do not have any dealer selling our products.
All our dealers are named at the reference page

If you want to buy one of our ThirdEye dental cameras from your personal dental dealer, please ask us or name us your preferred
dealer in your home town/home country.