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dental camera - the technical specifications

ThirdEye-UNI dental camera is a fully digital camera and replaced our analogue ThirdEye-Video.


Technical facts about ThirdEye-UNI


ThirdEye-UNI is the perfect dental camera for

thirdeye uni on gcomm dental light large



Technical data




CNC grinded, aluminum anodized, silver varnishing


65 x 46x 34 mm

weight (with lens and cable plug)

about 170 grams


Sony CMOS 16 megapixels

resolution video

1.920x1.080  25fps PAL or 30fps NTSC
16:9 video format
fps = frames per second

resolution photo

16 megapixels (4:3 photo format)

video signal

digital, clean HDMI-out

video recording on microSD card: mp4 format (H.264)

audio (built in microphone)

stereo, 96 khz

white balance


auto iris

CMOS auto iris

electronic iris

1/60 - 1/20.000 sec.

working temperature

-20o - 50o C


> 85%

power supply

USB 5 volts DC +/-10%




aluminum anodized, silver varnishing

lens iris

fix iris (d= 1,8mm)

focal length

fix focus f:50mm
= three teeth format filling at 25cm working distance

= full mouth format filling at 50cm working distance


manual focussing with focus ring (easy and fast going)

range of focus



4-6 cm
depending on brightness (=lux) and working distance



power supply

medical USB power supply 110V/220V input to 5 V output

camera cable

USBpower/HDMIout in one cable, white, 3,5 m standard
longer cables by extension cables

camera mount

minature camera mount with ball joint (stainless steel)

silicone glue

Hylosil® transparent, high heat resistant (-180o C)


digital video recorders

for all, who want to record in 10bit 4:2:2 broadcast quality
but not necessary for full-hd video recording !


hardware/software encoder and streaming software

for live internet streaming (webcasts)


hardware for recording and streaming we usually recommend, but do not sell*

* nearly all hardware and software is available in any country worldwide !

If you should not get some items in your home country, we can deliver them to you, too.


here you can download the order form ThirdEye-UNI

please open an order form with Adobe Acrobat Reader and "activate editing" the pdf-form