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ThirdEye-all Kopiedownloads

Here you can download all important documents and forms.

Please choose from Adobe Acrobat Reader files (PDF),  Word files (DOC) or Corel Draw files (CDR)



price list_1/2018.pdf

price list_1/2018.doc

order form ThirdEyeHD.pdf

order form ThirdEyeHD.doc

order form ThirdEyeEVO.pdf

order form ThirdEyeEVO.doc

order form ThirdEyeUNI.pdf

order form ThirdEyeUNI.doc



Manual ThirdEyeEVO

ThirdEyEVO manual.pdf

ThirdEyeEVO manual.doc



Manual ThirdEyeHD

ThirdEyeHD manual.pdf

ThirdEyeHD manual.doc



Manual ThirdEyeUNI


ThirdEyeUNI manual.pdf

ThirdEyeUNI manual.doc



Manual ThirdEyephoto  not available any more !

ThirdEyephoto manual.pdf

ThirdEyephoto manual.doc



Drivers ThirdEyephoto date 22.02.2012  (now with full screen preview in video mode for excellent live transmissions)

Software and Driver ThirdEyephoto 32bit

Software and Driver ThirdEyephoto 64bit

Driver ThirdEyephoto 32bit Windows 8

Driver ThirdEyephoto 64bit Windows8

For Windows 8 please install Windows 7 software and driver first and then install manually Windows 8 driver


brochure 2017 front page.pdf

brochure 2017 rear page.pdf

color test pattern.pdf

color test pattern.doc

Terms and Law

terms of business.pdf

terms of business.doc

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