ThirdEye - what you can do with our dental cameras.





live surgeries

entertainment and distraction



Why not video/audio documenting dental evidence of your patients at each examination ? It will not take you more time than the examination itself. Wherever you throw the spotlight of your dental light on, that object (teeth, gums, crowns...) will be shot by the camera. There is no need to dictate the findings to your dental assistant, just dictate directly to the camera´s microphone.

  • Record pre-operation discussions before starting sophisticated treatments or surgeries.

  • Shoot and archive all prophylaxis sessions to proof progress or exacerbations.

  • Shoot plaque dying and bleeding gums after probing. Thus you can motivate your patients, too.

  • Proof the necessity of periodontal interventions to the health insurance companies with your videos.

  • Shoot and record dental evidences, treatments, treatment outcomes and patient education to have

    valid video and audio proof in cases of recourse, especially in sophisticated treatments or problem patients.


Show to your patients

To convince your patients of the necessity of a treatment show them their cavities, periodontal pockets, bleedings, faulty crowns on a large monitor screen mounted to the dental unit or show it later in a relaxed atmosphere in your bureau.

Show your dental technicians

Point out possible troubles to your dental technician before, during or after a prostho treatment. Show and discuss live with your technician in another city (or even in another country) articulation, esthetics or phonetics of your patient (via internet conferencing or Skype) ! You cannot demonstrate such findings with photos only !

Show treatments to children

Take away fear of anxious children, by showing them their intraoral findings and even showing them drilling caries in their own mouth. They will be distracted and even fascinated. And they will feel having total control of what happens in their mouth. So they can tell the dentist, when to stop.



Communicate with your dental lab

With ThirdEye dental cameras you´ll be able to communicate with your dental lab live via Internet or Skype, no matter where the dental lab is located or the dental technician is working at the moment. Just give him a call to start his internet video conferencing application (e.g. Skype). So you can show your dental technician an inadequate articulation, deficient crown margins, swinging bridges and everything else being of importance to him. Your dental lab will be grateful not to be obliged to visit your office every time there is a (minor) problem with one of your patients. With live internet video conferencing you even can have your dental lab on another continent.

Communicate with dental colleagues

With ThirdEye dental cameras you can "live" consult your colleagues in another city or a specialist at the university.

Communicate with health insurance companies and medical referees

Wouldn´t it be a great idea, if health insurance companies or referees would accept audio-visual recordings as a criterion to accept a therapeutic and cost schedule and pay for the treatment ?

We all could save money and the patient would save time consuming visits at the referee.


Live Surgeries

In your own office

There is no better device to show intraoral shots to a broad audience than a camera, which is mounted directly in front of the patient´s mouth. And a camera using the excellent lighting qualities of the dental light. Not to compare with the weak LED lights of intraoral cameras.

Intraoral cameras you have to put into the patient´s mouth are made to shoot intraoral still images (= photos), but they are not suitable to shoot videos (and record audio). And you have to interrupt your work when shooting a photo. Besides, all intraoral cameras on the market are video cameras, which shoot their images at video resolution, which is nothing compared to digital still image cameras or a DSLR !

Why should we use video cameras to shoot photos ?

All ThirdEye dental cameras can shoot video and photo. ThirdEye-UNI and ThirdEye-EVO are perfect for photos, ThirdEye-HD with it´s zoom lens and auto focus is best for shooting videos.

You can shoot videos (optional with audio) on the fly, without having to interrupt your work. You even can shoot videos while using water spray with your turbine or the chip-blower. No more inquisitive colleagues hanging their heads above your patients mouth at your live surgeries. Now they can follow your surgery, preparations or orthodontic treatments live on a big monitor or video screen.  And believe us, they will see much more details on the monitor than looking over the shoulders of the surgeon. And they - and you and your team - will be much more relaxed. From the hygienic point of view those seminars with a crowd of dentists in the surgery room should be forbidden anyway !

On seminars and congresses worldwide

The small dimensions and weight of our ThirdEye dental cameras predispose these cameras for everybody, who wants to demonstrate live their expertise on seminars or congresses worldwide.  After hardly 10 minutes for the installation of the camera and all the cables you can start your live surgery and live video transmission !


Entertainment and distraction of children

Admittedly not every patient wants to watch what is happening in his own mouth when the dentist is drilling a caries, doing a preparation or extracting a rotten tooth. But especially children are very apt to follow all the intraoral procedures with their eyes. Their natural curiosity lets them forget, that all is happening in their very own mouth. The cinema show broadcast out of their own mouth detracts their attention from the horror of drilling. Together with the soothing narration of the dentist, commenting the intraoral procedures shown on the monitor lets come through most children the inevitable procedures without the horror of  "normal" dental treatments.