ThirdEye dental cameras - because they work.









Looking for a demo or an used ThirdEye dental camera?

If you are looking for a more inexpensive used/demo ThirdEye dental camera or for a special deal, you should visit this page from time to time. All prices add 19% VAT (sales within EU) and UPS/DHL shipping


ThirdEye-SDI dental camera set (no offers)

ThirdEye-EVO dental camera set (no offers)

18 megapixel photo & full-HD video, 10fold optical zoom
auto focus, controlled by Android/IOS devices


+ miniature camera mount
+ back-lid for battery use
+ back-lid with 4pin socket (for power supply)
+ battery (Sony 3,6 V) + battery charger
+ power supply (4,2 V) with cable (white, 5m)

+ Heliopan close-up lens # 2 (mounted)
+ Heliopan close-up lens # 1
+ 32GB microSD card (Panasonic-EVO)

(+ 19% VAT, VAT payable within Europe only )

ThirdEye-UNI dental camera set (no offers)


+ miniature camera mount
+ camera cable (3,5m, white)
+ medical power supply (USB 5 volts)
+ 32 GB microSD card

(+ 19% VAT, VAT payable within Europe only )


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