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ThirdEye-SDI dental cameras, all automatic and sophisticated.

ThirdEye-SDI - the technical specifications

ThirdEye dental cameras can be mounted on any dental lightThere will be no need to take this dental camera
during dental or surgical  procedures in your hand(s)!
You´ve always both hands free !


 ThirdEye-SDI dental cameras offer...

  •  auto focus, 10fold opt. zoom, 12fold digital zoom
     manual white balance, freeze frame, remote control

    ThirEye-SDI is the perfect camera for...

  •  full-hd live video transmissions

  • high resolution video documentation

  • full-hd video recordings (with SDI recorder)

  • video conferencing (e.g. with dental lab=

  • * up to 30fold magnification





aluminium, white,  stove-enamelled


60 x 55 x 57 mm


265 g (with zoom lens)

image sensor

1/3" CMOS Panasonic 2 Megapixel sensor

image format


minimum illumination

12 Lux at F1.8 - 2.1


1.920 x 1.080p pixel (Full-HD)

video signal

HD-SDI 1080/30p (25p) signal

signal to noise ratio

> 50 dB (ACG off)

white balance

automatic white balance (AWB)
or "one push" manual white balance

range of white balance

3.200oK - 10.000oK (without filter)

electronic iris

1/30 - 1/30.000 sec., auto iris

operating temperature

0o - + 45o C


- 85%

power supply

12 volts DC

power consumption

3,0 watts




focal lengths (zoom)

f:5.1mm - f:51mm (=10 fold optical zoom)
+  12 fold digital zoom ("one push")



range of focus

with close-up lens → 30cm - 80cm

without close-up lens →80cm - infinity (for big surgical lights)


3 - 6cm depending on working distance and intensity of light


built in microphone

remote control

built-in receiver for hand-held remote control (zoom, instant 2x digital zoom, freeze)



SDI recorder (please see system ThirdEye-SDI)

HD-SDI-in, HDMI-out, audio-in,
MP4-full-hd video (=5GB/h),
remote control (start/stopp video recording, photo)

power supply

110/220 Volt AC →12 Volt DC

camera cable

HD-SDI / audio/ power cable, white 6m (or more)

  • 6pol plug on camera side

  • 1x SDI, 1x audio, 1xpower (12pin) plugs

color of camera cable: white

lenght of camera cable: standard 6m  (optional up to 20m)

camera mount

minature camera stand with lockable ball joint (stainless steel)

close-up lenses

close-up lenses depending on preference of dentist

NL1  working distance  from 45cm to 80cm 
NL2  working distance  from 35cm to 60cm

silicone glue

Hylosil®, transparent, high-heat resistant (-180o C)


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